As a kid I never felt stuck. I rarely felt barriers such as fear, because I always followed my intuition. When I was 7, I even sawed through a wardrobe with a butter knife to get my confiscated Nintendo 64 back. However, as I got older and more pieces of the game we call life came into play, the trust i had in my gut feeling began to fade away. When I started creating youtube videos, whilst really pouring in my heart and soul, it felt amazing. I had everything I wanted on lock down - money, security, friends. No one telling me what to do. When growing up, I realized that my sweet spot was in gaming. It was fun, and I loved the feeling that I was better than everyone. It made me popular, and I had something that people couldn't buy with money. I felt like a king. But as time went on I became more emotionally involved in youtube and streaming. I started to pour trust into the opinions of others as my well being seemed to rely on them liking my stuff. A sensation of fear began to linger, creeping up on me, but at the same time I enjoyed all the things I could do from the cheddar I made. That gamble was a tricky one. Things started to become grey, colors washed away. Little did I know that people vibed way more with the real me whom didn't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

I get off on being around people where everything flows with ease, and those friends were influential because I felt that I could be even more myself around them. Those people became extremely important to me. We truly connected. They would become my refuge. Not too long ago, every time I felt ready to change something in my life, I would first jump to reignite old friendships, or potential partners. It was simply easier to go back to old relationships than building new ones. I learnt that I did this in order to create an environment where I felt a deep level of trust and love so that I could feel comfortable enough to be myself, and therefore fully express and create. In all honesty though, this should come from me. Because then it'll cascade.

Understanding each other and how things work helps us overcome obstacles more easily. This allows us to accept and embrace the subtle quirks in people and new concepts. Just like how we appreciate the differences in cats and dogs. I resonate the most with people who emit a vibe of understanding, consideration and respect, but at the same time showing a flexible character and not taking dumb things too serious.

Our mind is the control center. Emotions underpin everything so it's vital to not kick them to the curb. Doing so dampens our mind. They are the energy in motion. They are a message. Some people are even born with greater emotional skills. It's a survival thing. To alert us of danger. To solve problems. Luckily though, you can train emotional awareness like a muscle. Such as observing how things around you effect your vibe, without judging or labeling. And then taking appropriate action. Everyone can develop any ability, and take on any form. It is just the notion of believing that you cannot which enables your mind to dig its heels.

Everything is connected. Love ripples. So does fear. All through vibrations. Some people are more in tune with this than others. Much like a Gazelle alerting the herd that a predator is close by. The cues in the environment that cause us to feel these spiky sensations are there to be explored, as it is after we     dispel     all     fear     that we then further unlock our vast potential and spread it onto others. When WE feel friction from our surroundings, or when playing a game that requires teamwork, that is the cue for us to embrace all perspectives and understand instead of scuttling away.

Basically, "don't be a little bitch" - Mak 2017 😍

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