Best Hunter Talents for MoP

Here's the talents I'm using atm, they seem like the best ones but I'll probably switch them up once I actually get to face some decent players in arena when MoP season 12 starts.

What are your thoughts on the choices Hunters have to make - will your talents look different?

In other news I tried my first game in GW2 5v5 tournament - I'm terribad and not taking it serious at all.. waiting for deathmatch-style arena PvP and hoping for that to be fun and competitive!

18 thoughts on “Best Hunter Talents for MoP

    1. BioL

      With ” BM is terrible bad” you meant you dont like the spec or that MM is better? I really dont like BM i’ve been playing MM since vanilla and I would like to continue :/

  1. Aliasgar (Ali) Abdulali

    Yea i took the same but i took blink strike for better openers and faster switching, might swap thrill of the hunt for fervor for better pet regen.

    1. braindeadly

      Post author

      i’ve also considered aspect of the iron hawk but people die so fast that there isn’t really much choice, only facing inexperienced players on beta atm

  2. sweep

    Spirit Bond isn’t 1% it’s 2%. It was nerfed by 1%.

    I think that narrow escape is best 15 tier. CT,HC is good. Posthaste is pretty good vs melee, while okay vs ranged. Narrow escape god vs melee and good vs ranged.

    Silencing Shot best. Binding too low stun for big DR. Wyvern a bit better than in wotlk / cata.

    All of level 45 tier depends on how damage is, bursty, always high, or something else. Aspect of Iron Hawk would probably imply the Animal bond to be used in 3’s, cus bonus healing and less damage.

    Fervor and Direbeast okay. Direbeast good damage but really low hp that doesn’t scale at 90. Fervor so much better now, but focus is now what it should of been in cata and doesn’t need a skill like this. Thrill of the Hunt 100% uptime almost. Focus is almost non existant at times.

    Blink Strike always vs Rogues, on Z axis maps (espec as bm).

    What do you think about a more a style with as Survial:

    Narrow Escape, Iron Hawk, Thrill of Hunt, Murder of Crows. Glyph with Animal Bond, Scattering, Whatever.

    Play with a DoT class. We get dispell coverage, 8 second dispell also boosts.

    Basically play like a shit warlock with passive dmg reduction and healing.

    Think with a warlock, spriest it could work.

    1. braindeadly

      Post author

      “Basically play like a shit warlock with passive dmg reduction and healing.”

      i like how you think sweep! really good points

  3. Jakaka

    Hey… I’m used to play as MM hunter, not BM.

    Do you think that it will be “impossible” to be a good PVP hunter in MM spec, or blizz will make it better in the relase of MoP?

  4. braindeadly

    Post author

    yeah i hate spamming arcane shot and kill command, i’m REALLY hoping blizzard makes MM viable.. I think everyone will be forced to play BM and win by having a NPC that 1 shots everyone.

    problem is MM and SV aren’t viable is cus they don’t offer anything, in cata/wotlk MM offered readiness and silence shot, now that every spec gets it BM is the far superior spec with higher burst, constant damage, 3 sec stun, 1 min CC breaker/dmg CD beastial wrath that can be readinessed and not to mention their best pet (spirit beast) has a pretty sick heal. Lynx rush and blink strike are also much more benefitial for BM than MM and SV

  5. msixteen

    nice! really looking forward to see your keybinds.. just started to play hunter and the keybinds are the first thing I need to learn


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