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I was meditating in a grassland with shrooms, and my mind kept persistently pushing me to extract value out of aesthetic patterns and forming shapes in an effort to seek existential balance in combination with whichever insights i had acquired in the past days. It felt a bit icky, and I soon realized that I was viewing these patterns with unease because of the premeditated subconscious labels I had attached to the symbolic appearance of them. My mind formed a smiley face. Tick. My mind formed a confused face. Cross. These labels had to go. It was obscuring everything.

After some minutes I noticed that I had my lense focused largely on aesthetics. It was making me weary and tiresome of my surroundings. So with this realization I managed to shift my focus to the functionality of the patterns I was visualizing, thinking and so on. It was just like a camera changing focus. I entered what seemed like a breezy meadow of consistent and elegant geometric patterns. I began thinking much more coherently without the stream of data from the aesthetical side of things. These aspects are beautiful, but they are not the only thing. Gotta look at the whole package.

Saying things put an imprint on my mind. Getting angry on twitter sent shockwaves through the reverberations of my mind. I couldn't see things clearly with this filter on my perception. The ignorance of the angry optician at specsavers triggered a chain reaction in me and stripped away all my layers of unnecessary bullshit. My focus turned into a lazer beam. Anger was coursing through me. I felt like a god. In the end I internalized the anger and channeled it in understanding the situation, as the man seemed a bit stressed and I intuitively felt it to be futile to reason with an old generations outdated beliefs and methodologies.

Streaming seemed to really confuse my psyche. Having all these signals from so many people, while having my focus on the thrill of it, lead to having a huge influx of information to process soon after dissolving the socially conditioned values that I adopted whilst doing so, and gradually transcending towards my true nature. So now what it comes down to is finding out what makes me tic. Then understanding it. Then with my fundamental fears of the unknown established, I can use my mind as the pattern spotting terminator I was born to be.

So then I come to cryptocurrency. With the rise of Bitcoin it has done quite a bit more than just being a drop in the ocean. Ethereum has risen and is predicted to keep going up and up, according to experts. But what really seems intriguing to me is Golem coin and the software that will soon accompany it.

This sparked the idea of a cryptocurrency that also has fortune-cookie-like messages that gives users empowering feedback about what they really are. Perhaps it may require padding, with the main focus relating to their core value, but with their true compass gently being revealed. This could be a solid bridge from one ideology to another. If you look at cultures such as Thailand and India, one of the main beliefs denoted to a religion called Buddhism, is the notion of there not being a self. That you are an ever changing entity capable of everything. The culture there is profoundly different, and that is probably a key reason why. It is slowly becoming more westernized, though. Cultures such as London are good at making their ideology seem very attractive. Their sense of certainty is kept well topped up. Local people in these eastern countries just seem less greedy, amongst other things. That's what I'm saying. We need technologies that unify everyone.

Our constant need for a feed in the information age requires a fluidly intertwined stream of well calibrated and deduced bite size pockets of understandings relating to what we really are. With the drive to be organized within reality, whilst always seeking to solve problems and overcoming bumps along the road.

Most people love money! That's something we can agree on with outstanding confidence! Perhaps cryptographic technology combined with insights about our true nature can gently leave subconscious imprints on our minds, transforming the social structures, and slowly, without resistance, turning every nook and cranny of the world (including the mind of every inhabitant) into a lush paradise. Always striving for greatness as a unified species, and never trading curiosity for complacency.

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