Direct experience is the most powerful tool in the world

Visiting new places

Getting a change of scenery

Can enhance your mind more than anything

But not everyone can afford this

Which is why I believe psychedelics are the best tools in shifting perspective

In a very positive way

Especially when it comes to microdosing


It's also important to have reliable sources of knowledge

to help integrate these mystical experiences

Remember that everything

Such as music

is an expression of consciousness

So no need to demonize anything

Simply seek to understand

Because doing so is liberating

Especially when you realize

that everything is connected

Many notions we learned as a kid were not entirely true

Which is why we must question things that do not add up

Question things that make us tic

And truly make sense of it

By passing obstacles and elevating thought patterns

with this new view and knowledge

we can transcend our differences

and graduate from drone status

to unlock our full potential

Tutorial from
Twitter @Benvacas


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