Ocean of consciousness

I listened to this in nature, with some psilocybin mushrooms. The impression at the time of the audio ending was of a beautiful yet heart breaking roller coaster. When it came to the part about waves and vibrations, my perception burst into a colorful kaleidoscope of geometric patterns. A sense of liberation filled me. I felt like a flower blooming. I felt a deeper connection to everything and I was filled with an urge to visit less developed places in the world.

I think that the current situation with the world is of an ocean of consciousness, divided into nations. Divided. Divided. Then, these reality's seem to be reinforced with repetition, beliefs and control. Actions and thoughts. Stories about places and people that we believe. I feel that it comes down to trying to control the frame. At the foundation we are waves and vibrations, an ever changing entity. What is there to control? Doing so is futile. I experience fluidity and a certain type of peaceful resonance from many people in Africa, and perhaps people that live in the countryside. Often people with horses that spend most of their time in nature.

Nature is balance. I think that we create our reality with our thoughts and actions. All of the things that we believe or are actively trying to control spill out towards every tiny expression in our lives. Our handwriting. Our relationship with food. By understanding our fears and allowing every premeditation and need for control to fade away we experience an exquisite state of flow that ushers other people in like a magnet.

I get the feeling with the culture that I live in, despite it slowly becoming fragmented with people's ability to access answers on the internet, that the iterations and hurdles in which people swerve in and out of to create balance in their perceived reality are so well guarded that it requires a specific angle for each person. I believe that insights, such as from this video, are a vital ingredient. The question is to what extent are people open to riding new waves? Perhaps the answer to that is Meditation, Nature, Psychedelics, Reflection, Mindfulness.


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