mathematical consistent patterns
that's what we are beyond our structures and attachments
the highest purpose is to create consistency, starting with yourself
the entire universe is constantly yearning for this balance

become emotionally attached to reality instead of carving a road around it
love creating consistency in this
surrender and merge with it


Every animal has a purpose and role
Like bees that pollinate plants
without bees we may not exist

it's all part of a huge energetic system that expresses through these beautiful consistent patterns

just like how gravity is a pattern
gravity is a part of reality as are bees and trees

When you become honest with yourself
Reality is not defined by nations

Or paper

Identity is a structure that many people build to seek balance
but it puts you in a box and inhibits you

Comfort and approval is another structure many people merge with, but it makes you frustrated when you felt too insecure to speak your mind, or not doing that thing you wanted to do because you worried about what people would think of you

When you put great value on these concepts and make them attractive, they ignite and become the goal
society told you that these goals make you happy but it is a scam
You're always craving for more of it, but you are never truly satisfied

you can't argue with reality

somewhere along the way you gave up on reality and settled for an illusion

But as a kid you don't care about these things, you only care about learning and doing what you believe is right

Braarudosphaera bigelowii

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