Braindeadly Music Playlist

old playlist. new one is on my youtube.

  1. This playlist is just insanely good! Thanks for sharing this Braindeadly. Love your videos and with this music I’ll remember it all the time!

  2. This is really great, the type of Music that actually Make you play better/agressive in Arenas/bgs or whatever. Thanks Braindeadly!

  3. Hey braindeadly,

    Is this music free to use in video’s?
    Or you need to ask the makers of the music to use them? ;)

  4. Hello Braindealy, i hope you will answer me, i can’t hear you playlist, but i really really want. I heard some of it while you were livestreaming at Athene’s place. Can you give me an e-mail and we’ll discuss it there :)

    Dear Regards, Morten Halle

    PS: You’re the best hunter in the world! I look up to you, you have given me so much! :)

  5. I love this playlist man !!!!!! some wicked tunes to get your blood pumping and pvp rolling Thanks for this dude and keep cheap shoting your granddad ^-^

  6. ex-wow glad here….I dont see how you still play this game man…I still watch your videos…but wow the state of things as I see in your vids just reinforces why I quit at the end of 2011…Blizzard really…just doesn’t give a shit.

    Either way epic playlist…I use it in LoL and the GW2 beta now haha.

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  8. Hello Braindeadly. Why can’t i listen to your music! There is just a white box for me do i need Chrome,Internet Explore or Firefox please help me :)

    BTW love your vids:)

    • most of them are usable in youtube videos, but stuff like the katy perry remix and linkin park are not (the big labels) – everything related to monstercatmedia, liquicity, fantomenk etc is useable if you get permission form the artists

  9. Hey Braindeadly.
    Im from Denmark and my internet provider have blocked grooveshark for some reason. Would it be possible for you to show your playlist in another way?

    I love your streaming and youtube videos, keep it up mate. :)

  10. Braindeadly!Braindeadly!Braindeadly! My English is poor,But I like the Music!!!!! I feel you very cool! yes! Very cool!! By the way,how to play the Hunter well??? Anything is OK, just reply me!!!please!!

  11. Hi Braindeadly, can u please make it so that i can fast forward in the songs? some of the “foreplay” is really slow, and i need boom boom for my burts in 2v2!!! xD

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