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You know me. The prick who calls out fake streamers for the hell of it. I just wanna say though, that i understand those people more now. I understand that the fakeness is just a fear sandwich, and I can smell it and taste it. Did this raise your stress levels?

The thing is, people connect with authenticity. What I've learnt from hallucinogens is that coping mechanisms are in place for a reason. They are barriers that numb our fear of the unknown. Mechanisms that have gently folded into our reality over a period of time. Quietly altering our melody of life.

Even being selfish is a coping mechanism, as bleak as that may sound. I guess it is a way to avoid intimacy and honesty. You know, the kind of people that worship The Wolf of Wall Street. They're charming, but there's no real substance as they are too busy thinking about their next hustle.

I bring to you as no surprise, that we can unravel these glitchy mazes firmly woven into our subconscious known as coping mechanisms. For they were a construction in the first place, and sometimes they really dampen our true nature. These mechanisms filter out the environment and we become more and more insensitive to injustices in our environment as time goes on. Couple that with some negative beliefs to keep these mechanisms afloat, and there you have the perfect ingredients to become a well behaved drone.

To deconstruct these illusions: at the very least It requires understanding, consideration and assertiveness. Therapy and/or hallucinogens is a short cut. Dive into all fears and see what's lurking down there. Re-own everything and let go of all resistance.