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Direct experience is the most powerful tool in the world

Visiting new places

Getting a change of scenery

Can enhance your mind more than anything

But not everyone can afford this

Which is why I believe psychedelics are the best tools in shifting perspective

In a very positive way

Especially when it comes to microdosing


It's also important to have reliable sources of knowledge

to help integrate these mystical experiences

Remember that everything

Such as music

is an expression of consciousness

So no need to demonize anything

Simply seek to understand

Because doing so is liberating

Especially when you realize

that everything is connected

Many notions we learned as a kid were not entirely true

Which is why we must question things that do not add up

Question things that make us tic

And truly make sense of it

By passing obstacles and elevating thought patterns

with this new view and knowledge

we can transcend our differences

and graduate from drone status

to unlock our full potential

Tutorial from http://thethirdwave.co
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Does this picture fill you with a warm feeling?

Coca Cola is currently the most popular drink in the world.

What about this picture?

When you see or hear something you recognize, it releases the love molecule oxytocin. But when you are confronted with something unfamiliar, the brains danger detector (the amygdala) activates, and releases the stress hormone cortisol.

This may explain the feelings

for this animal who probably wants to eat me

and this creature who was eyeing me up for some kibble

This mechanic has been hardwired into us for millions of years, and we associate a certain blend of familiarity with each thing in order to map out our reality. It's so we feel safe in our surroundings and dissolve inhibitions. But wait - we're not cavemen anymore. Realizing this makes me want to question everything. Every taboo, stigma, belief and label.

When you already have a strong positive or negative familiarity with something, that polarity only gets further fed when you are exposed to it more, making it harder to switch your mind about it. Being willing to explore fears of the unknown and becoming familiar can open up many doors.

The experience of doing something is often much more effective at changing our minds than logical rhetoric (something called the ‘familiarity principle’ in psychology). The impact of experience is another reason why research will not be the end-all, be-all in changing how our culture perceives psychedelic use, which I believe to be one of the most effective perspective-shifting tools out there. I argue that microdosing will be the key to mainstreaming psychedelics.

Tim Ferris podcast with Dr James Fadiman on The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide - Risks, Micro-Dosing, Ibogaine, and More.


Hand writing says a lot about people. Just like any other action, the way you do it constitutes the reverberations in your feedback loop, deciphering which goggles you'll be wearing at that moment. I remember experiencing the deepest inner workings of my mind when I accidentally stumbled upon "ego death". But today, I was in a rush for some reason. I remembered the hand writing of a friend. He had really fluid writing. So I tried this, while I was writing labels. Instead of a rushed, rigid tone I switched to a more elegant, suggestive flair. My flow positively flipped in an instant.

This is good to know, because I realised after listening to a guy called Rsdtyler that it is easily possible to become addicted to a certain vibrational state and subconsciously resist changes. Actively controlling and losing your flow. I think this is the result of believing stories in order to transform the environment that seemingly benefits you into a pleasant and optimal one. A deceptively consistent one. Even though it can be genuinely good just by being realistic. It felt like playing tetris with my thoughts and creating an identity in order to achieve complacency.

I came to this realisation after taking a moderate dose of 4-AcO-DMT. This is the "smart" version of magic mushrooms, mixed into convenient chocolate hearts. I really do not like the taste of actual mushrooms. Importantly I took this in nature to stimulate ego dissolution. There are not many guided meditations I will listen to, however this hypnosis is one that I regularly do listen to. Anything that will dissolve my ego and remove my goggles. I always find that I end up embodying and absorbing the vibe of whoevers guided meditation I listen to (especially whilst on psychedelics) so I'm very particular with what I am willing to expose myself to.

I had not meditated or taken any downtime in over a week and my mind was foggy. So I went into this with the general idea of "don't resist anything and just go with it", and that hypnosis happened to be a excellent way to break through the barriers and not resist. Whichever stories and ideas I happened to believe in the last week were pleasantly thrown away. On another note, I remembered mentioning to someone that DMT is like your past and future collapsing on your present, and then entering a video game with ineffable graphics and audio. I then applied this to the trip and viewed everything as a video game. I really did feel like a snake shedding skin. I felt as light as a feather. Afterwards, I was watching this fly on a flower which had a fluffy butt. Him and all the other bugs around me were reminding me of my cat. Everything felt so familiar and fresh.

Everything you absorb on a daily basis forms the goggles you wear and the things you create. People, music, movies. This will eventually manifest itself physically into your reality if you keep at it. Be careful which vibrations you embrace and expose yourself to. Some people have very convincing stories! Be mindful!

These tools infused with insight, reflection & mindfulness can potentially revolutionise the world and the way people think. Despite this being a rather soft hallucinogen compared to DMT, with DMT it happens so fast that holding onto any premeditated template of how something is has to be left behind, putting you in an infinitely fluid state and acquiring an excellent perspective.

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