The importance of purging rats and being yourself on YouTube, Streaming and in LIFE

In the past you may have noticed that I made rather controversial videos such as "Swifty and Athene get owned", "The one shave macro" and various impersonations and generally passive-aggressive digs at other youtubers. I love stirring up controversy about petty things, however I would never do it about serious tragedy s.

I personally have nothing against other youtubers, big or small, however what I do not like is their fan boys.

I'm glad that some people unsubscribe when I make digs at other content creators because this purges out the rather stupid people with no sense of humor or rationality. No one is nice ALL the time or ALWAYS happy, you only see one side of some youtubers which could be percieved as "fake" however constant giveaways keep those little rug-rats around. OK we get it, Positivity is contagious (but negativity even more so) and you want videos to always be happy but don't you get to the point where it isn't even satisfying anymore to churn out the same passive, plain content?

The point I'm trying to make is that you can't truly be yourself in media unless you have NOTHING to lose.

For example you may be seeking validation or want to feel accepted for whatever reason. Maybe you live in a shitty country and YouTube/Streaming is your only option? Maybe you just don't like getting up at 7am everyday? Maybe validation from others makes you more secure? Maybe you want to get laid?

However, one of the drives that many of these commercial youtubers have is fear. Youtubers are CONSTANTLY worried about losing face. They are worried that people will hate them. But what's the point in showing an image that isn't a side of YOU? What's the point in being neutral and holding back? YouTube and media in general is a form of Art. You shouldn't compromise Art. It should be purely from you, and just because you'll lose one fan boy that is also subscribed to another YouTuber it doesn't matter. Overall this really doesn't matter a lot as some people seem to worry when they see subscribers drop over controversy or saying what you veritably believe.

People always ask me "what will you do when WoW dies or when you can't live off YouTube and streaming? you can't put that on your CV". My answer to that simply is: Who cares. I'm not interested in being a robot, getting a mortgage and dieing in a chair watching emmerdale. I'll take everyday as it comes. My philosophy in its simplest form is "do I genuinely enjoy what I'm doing; is it fun?". There's no point in looking so far into the future and caring so much about first world problems... I could be dead tomorrow. O.K. that sounds a bit like #YOLO but what I meant was that most people have a lot more than what they really need 😛 Consumerism...

Too many people are always worried about the financial side, however most people start off with the impulse to create. You don't want to fall into the trap of always thinking about whether or not you'll make enough cheddar to pay for bills. Money is temporary. The only real thing is people, who cares about the samsung galaxy s4? My current phone gets the job done just fine. The most satisfaction I can get is connecting with other people with mutual interets, and simply discovering new perspectives and learning new things that interest me.

What I'm trying to say is you won't get anywhere by copying other people, don't be fake, be yourself and don't force anything out - DON'T CATER TO RATS!

5 thoughts on “The importance of purging rats and being yourself on YouTube, Streaming and in LIFE

  1. Ziad Ibrahim

    Realest blog ive ever read in my life. Braindeadly you really are awesome, keep up the good work man. Nuke these rats!

  2. ShammyWoWLoL

    Real stuff man, great read. Couldn’t agree more with what you said. People trying to gain face value on YouTube by any means necessary is rather annoying.


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